Located in Badr industrial city, Nile Factory is the leading manufacturer of finished marble and granite products, where high quality and customer service are our top priorities. We are specialized in working with the beauty of natural stones.
Large Material Selection 
Our factory extracts popular stone materials from quarries in Egypt and all over the world and maintains strong relationships with suppliers in Spain, Italy and Brazil. We make every effort to meet all challenging demands by maintaining the highest quality inventory with the largest selection at lower prices.
Technological Innovations
The latest stone cutting, shaping and finishing technologies have been implemented in our factory. A complete line of automated processing equipment allows us to output large volume of slabs, tiles & other building products within a short period of time. Technological innovation keeps us ahead of competition.
Customization and Affordability 
Proven strong track record of supplying customized products is another competitive advantage of Nile Factory. We can fulfill the needs of any stone project. Whether big, small, complex or simple, we will do our job in a timely manner. We are proud of the efficient operations in our factory, which enables us to be the pricing leader in the industry without jeopardizing product quality.
Safe and Fast Delivery 
Shipping stone is not a simple task. Our factory created a unique packing method that has been tested to be capable of minimizing possible damages to products while being shipped. You can count on us to deliver your order safely and promptly.

Satisfaction Guarantee
At Nile Factory, we understand that our success depends on your long-term support. That is why we make customer service our top priority.